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    Changing Health Care in Africa
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About Us

Changing Healthcare in Africa using mobile phones


Provides targeted infomation on how to take medication RIGHT & explains possible side effects in the most simple way.

Reminder On-the-go

Reminds patients when to take medicine so you never forget while increasing drug adherence.

Patient Feedback

Your everyday companion on all drug medication issues. Allows patients to provide feedback to pharma companies after medication.


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User Settings

Configurable according to your preference

Search autocompletion

So you can search seamlessly.

Dynamic Reminders

You can choose to postpone the reminder.

Calendar / Planner

Search page

My Places

Location aware.

Targeted Patient Feedback

Provide optional feedback after every medication

And much more!

Amazing Team

Meet the people who are making it happen

Business Analyst

- Dennis Sentamu

Business Development

- Hubertus Hellenthal

Operations Lead

- Kennedy Omulo

Software Developer

- Simeon Obwogo

Product Development

- James Odede


- Erik Heinelt


See what’s included in the App

Search Page

Autocomplete Search

Medication Reminder

Patient Feedback